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EHC Enhances Firefighter Health with New Exhaust Extraction System



Eggertsville, NY – The Eggertsville Hose Company has taken a significant step towards improving the health and safety of its firefighters and members by installing a state-of-the-art vehicle exhaust extraction system in the apparatus bay of the fire station.

The new system is designed to capture and remove harmful pollutants emitted by fire trucks and other emergency vehicles as soon as they start their engines. By doing so, it ensures that these dangerous gases are directly exhausted outdoors, significantly reducing the risk of inhalation by personnel inside the station.

Fire Chief Brandon Peters explained, “The health and safety of our firefighters are paramount. They face enough risks on the job, and the air they breathe in their own station should not be one of them. This system is a major investment in ensuring a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for all our members.”

The exhaust extraction system operates automatically, engaging as soon as a vehicle’s engine is turned on and disengaging when it is switched off. It’s a critical update, as studies have shown that prolonged exposure to vehicle exhaust can lead to serious health issues, including respiratory problems and cancer.

The Eggertsville Hose Company initiative is part of a broader movement among fire departments nationwide to improve working conditions and safeguard the health of their first responders. The department hopes that their proactive steps will inspire other stations to implement similar technologies.