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Inside Eggertsville Hose Company

Membership Types and Expectations

At the Eggertsville Hose Company, we’re more than just a team; we’re a community united by a shared mission to protect and serve. Our strength comes from our diversity, and there’s always room for more dedicated individuals ready to make a difference. Regardless of your experience level, we have a place for you.

We’re looking for people who embody service, teamwork, and a commitment to safety. Whether you’re aiming to learn new skills or seeking to contribute your experience, you’re valuable to us. The Eggertsville Hose Company isn’t just about fighting fires; it’s about building a safer, stronger community together.

Ready to step up? Discover how you can join us and make an impact in your community.

Percentage Member

Percentage Members (18+ Years): Essential to our operations, these members commit to answering 15% of quarterly calls, including overnight shifts in a rotating squad. Their involvement is acknowledged through LOSAP eligibility. Operating from home, they must attend 12 drills and 6 meetings yearly, integrating deep community commitment with personal development.
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Hours Member

Hours Members (18+ Years): Offering a unique form of engagement, these members commit to 20 monthly hours at the Fire Hall without overnight duties. Free from call percentage obligations, their focus is on station duties and immediate alarm responses. Recognized by LOSAP, their commitment is paired with 12 annual drills and 6 meetings, ensuring readiness and strong team unity.
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Junior Member

Junior Members (16-18 Years): Designed for young individuals eager to contribute, this category exempts members from call percentage requirements to prioritize academic achievements. Participation in drills and training is essential for developing essential skills. Restrictions on night and school-day calls ensure their well-being and academic focus. Junior Members respond from home, balancing their education with meaningful community service.
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Expectations for All Members

Joining our ranks requires more than a desire to assist others; it demands courage, dedication, assertiveness, and a willingness to learn and face new challenges. Our work is physically demanding, often performed in challenging conditions. Teamwork is essential, as is the readiness to respond to calls at any time, potentially disrupting personal schedules.

Time Commitment: New recruits should expect to dedicate 5-10 hours weekly to fire company activities, including meetings, training, and emergency responses. Regularly scheduled events typically occur on Wednesday evenings.

To Apply, You Must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age, with parental consent for applicants under 18.
  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Meet physical, intellectual, and emotional criteria for the duties of your assignment.
  • Have a clean felony record.
  • Pass an OSHA Physical examination, covered by the fire district.

During Probation:

  • New members undergo a probationary period of at least one year, after which they may be recommended for continued service.
  • Fulfill probationary requirements specific to your membership classification.
  • Attend at least 50% of monthly business meetings and all special meetings unless excused.
  • Participate in fundraising efforts.
  • Complete the NYS Firefighter I course within the first one to two years.
  • Attend at least 12 drills during the probation year.
  • Complete a NYS Certified EMT or First Responder course for full membership acceptance.
  • Serve on the house committee/kitchen crew as assigned.

Failure to meet these minimum requirements may lead to membership termination.