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Most Residents Pay More for Trash Pickup and Street Lighting Than They do for Their Fire Protection

Greetings to our Eggertsville community,

As we navigate through 2023, we hope this message finds you in good health and spirits. The Eggertsville Hose Company, with over 100 years of dedicated service, continues to stand proud as a cornerstone of safety and support for Eggertsville. Our commitment to protecting you, your businesses, and families is unwavering, fueled by a legacy of community, courage, and care.

Our Mission, Your Safety

Our readiness to respond is relentless, but the truth is, we can’t do this alone. The essence of our service—quality training, rapid response, and vital public education—depends greatly on your support. From fire prevention courses to community events, and responding to emergencies, our efforts to ensure Eggertsville’s safety never cease. As a 100% volunteer-led fire department, every helping hand, every donation makes a profound difference.

How You Can Help

We’re inviting you to join us in this mission. A donation of $25, $50, $100, or any amount you can contribute through our Annual Fund Drive goes directly towards sustaining our operations and supporting our brave volunteers. But your involvement doesn’t have to end there—consider joining our ranks and becoming a part of the Eggertsville Hose Company family.

Every Contribution Counts

Your generosity equips us with the necessary resources to maintain our readiness and effectiveness. Your support not only empowers our volunteer firefighters but also reinforces the safety and well-being of our beloved community.

Stay Connected and Informed

To make your donation, visit and click on the donate tab. Discover more about our impact through our Fund Drive video and keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and events, including our Fire Prevention Open House and public CPR training sessions.

Your support has always been the backbone of our service. Together, let’s continue to safeguard the heart of Eggertsville. Thank you for standing with us, for being the reason we forge ahead with pride and gratitude.

With heartfelt thanks,

Brandon Peters, Fire Chief
And the Chiefs, Officers, and Firefighters of the Eggertsville Hose Company

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