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Department Leadership

Eggertsville Hose Company

Firematic Officers

The Eggertsville Hose Company’s Firematic Officers are essential leaders in emergency response, specializing in firefighting, rescue operations, and managing hazardous situations. With their expertise and dedication, they play a pivotal role in safeguarding the community, embodying the principles of courage, integrity, and service.

Brandon Peters

Fire Chief

John Whtehead Jr

First Assistant Fire Chief

Don Fetes

Second Assistant Fire Chief

Mike Flynn

Firematic Captain

Jon Trometer

Firematic Captain

Srdjan Sikirica

Firematic Captain

Dave Rogge

Stationhouse Lieutenant

Paige Cosgrove

Firematic Lieutenant

Alex Hazzan

Firematic Lieutenant

Brandon Schmitt

Firematic Lieutenant

Andrew Hazzan

EMS Coordinator
Eggertsville Hose Company

Company Officers

The Eggertsville Hose Company’s administrative team, including the President and Vice President, oversees the company’s strategic, financial, and operational aspects. Their leadership ensures the organization’s effectiveness and community service commitment, underpinning its mission of safety and emergency preparedness.

Jeffrey Gilson


John Storfer

Vice President

Richard Cumpston

Recording Secretary

John Boser


James Christopher

Communication Secretary

Craig Schreck


Paul Mikulski


Paul McDonald


David Stephan


Jeffery Yap