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Drill Night with New Amkus Extrication Tools



Last night, 17 of our members underwent training with our latest equipment: the Amkus Battery Powered Rescue Tools. These cutting-edge tools include a cutter, spreader, ram, and a versatile combination cutter/spreader. Our training session took place at United Auto Towing, and we extend our sincere appreciation for allowing us to conduct drills on wrecked cars in their yard.

Assistant Chief Fetes spearheaded the drill, ensuring all participants were well-acquainted with the features of the new tools before commencing their use. It was observed that these battery-powered tools exhibit comparable power to their hydraulic counterparts, yet boast significantly enhanced speed.  This, along with features such as rotating handles and repositionable tips, will expedite the extraction process and reduce the time between arriving on scene and patient extrication.